WordPress security plugins

Security plugins

Wordfence and Sucuri are the best security plugins for WordPress sites. We will be comparing the two security plugins in this article. Each has its own benefits, drawbacks, functionality, and cost. Both provide protection against login attempts, infected and data theft.

You must choose a security plugin for your website, and you also need secure hosting. When you are choosing hosting, ensure that the server settings are properly set up. cPanel usually has security settings that will help you increase the security of your site.

You should choose a plugin that requires no technical knowledge to install the security plugin on your site. Consider the ease of use, security plugin, monitoring, notifications, scanning, and cleaning of the site.

Use it quickly


Wordfence is easy to install. The Wordfence plugin is completely free and can be activated right away after installation. An email address is required in order to access the settings section. The terms and conditions for the plugin must be accepted. Then, you will be introduced to a brief guide. Wordfence is simple to use. It offers many options, including panel, firewall, scan and tools.

The plugin will automatically start the firewall and enter a learning mode. The plugin will run a background scan. The scan will take longer depending on how large your site is, but you’ll be notified when it is finished. You can view the recommended actions by clicking on the notification.

The plugin is simple to use and doesn’t require any special knowledge. Due to the many options, the interface is not intuitive. This can be a bit confusing for those who are new to the field, especially if they need to find specific options.


Sucuri has a cleaner interface and no annoying popups. After activation, you’ll see the notifications within the plugin.

Sucuri firewall runs on cloud computing and is not dependent on your website hosting. Maintenance is not required. To configure your domain’s DNS, however, you will need an API. You can also correct or activate certain settings that are harmful to your website through Sucuri.


WAF (also known as Website Firewall Application) monitors website traffic and blocks security threats. You can install a WAF in the cloud, or as an application. The firewall works better in the cloud.


Wordfence WAF can be installed as an application. It blocks and monitors malicious traffic. In this instance, the firewall runs directly from the server, and is therefore less efficient than one running on the cloud.

Wordfence defaults to basic WAF mode. The firewall works as a WordPress plugin. WordPress must be running in order to block an attack. Otherwise, the firewall will not run. Due to the high number of resources needed, this process can prove inefficient.

This can be changed manually by changing the Wordfence mode from the standard to the extended. Wordfence is able to monitor traffic before it reaches WordPress. Wordfence cannot block traffic after it has reached the host. Resources will be affected in the event of a DDOS attack or brute force attack.


Sucuri includes a cloud firewall which can stop traffic from reaching the host. This allows you to increase your website’s loading speed and resources. Sucuri offers CDNs in many areas. This will help you speed up your website. It works regardless of the mode you choose once you have created the firewall. There are no additional modes in Sucuri. It will protect against DDOS attacks, as well as authentication attempts.

Sucuri uses a sophisticated learning algorithm that is robust enough to detect false positives.
Notifications and monitoring

It is important to know what goes wrong and how to fix it. Security problems can lead to financial loss. You must make sure that your security plugins are set up to receive these notifications. WordPress must also be able send emails. You should also install an SMTP plugin to prevent potential problems.


Wordfence offers a great notification and alert system. The WordPress menu highlights notifications by their number being highlighted on a yellow background. The background color may vary depending on the severity of the notifications. The biggest websites, such as those with سكس content, have more and more attacks from hackers or competitors, they choose this plugin every time, but if they don’t use WORDPRESS, it will be very difficult for them not having professional plugins at their disposal as easy as this.

These notifications are also sent by Wordfence via email very quickly. Email Alert Preferences contains the settings. Here you can also check which emails you want to receive.


Sucuri displays notifications right on its panel. The status of the site will be displayed in the upper right. Below you will find the site’s health and the audit. Sucuri offers a comprehensive alert system.

You can also add your email address to email and choose how often you want to receive email alerts.
Virus scanning

Both plugins can scan your site for viruses, altered files, or other suspicious code.


Wordfence scans in the free version with a powerful scanner. It is configurable and can be set to not consume too much of your hosting resources. The default is already limited. Wordfence schedules a scan for free. Premium users have the ability to scan whenever they wish.

Wordfence also checks plugins and themes to ensure that they match the original files.


An API is required to automatically check your website for Sucuri scanning. It also checks the integrity of your WordPress files. It is completely free and checks for viruses or malicious code.

Clean the site

It is difficult to clean a virus-infected site or hacker website. You can have files injected, or blocked from your site. You can also have virus files.

Manual cleaning can take too much time or not be 100% efficient.


Wordfence includes a site cleaning service that is not part of the free plan. However, it is included in the paid plan. This is an additional service. This is a straight-forward process that begins with a scan, and then proceeds to cleaning infected files.

The team will also examine how hackers got into the site. The report will be detailed.


Site cleaning is included in all paid versions of Sucuri. Both SEO, firewall, and virus problems can be fixed with Sucuri. They can access files, find malicious code and much more.

How to add a forum to WordPress using bbPress

What is a forum for bbPress?

Forums are a great way to create communities. Most of the content is created by users. Many platforms are available for forums, such as phpbb3 or vBulletin. The bbPress plugin is required to integrate a forum on a WordPress website.

bbPress is a program for forums that integrates with WordPress. Like WordPress, bbPress has the ability to expand its functionality and add extensions. It’s a fast, easy plugin that is much more popular than any other open-source forum platform.

How to create a forum using bbPress

You can integrate the forum directly into your WordPress site if you have one. If not, you will need to build it. Hosting and a domain name are required in order to build a website. Depending on your preference, both have monthly and annual costs. After you have chosen the two most important aspects of your website’s existence, you can install WordPress and configure it as you wish. The installation process is very quick using Softaculous from cPanel. WordPress is very user-friendly and intuitive, so you can ask for assistance from a specialist.

Once you have completed the layout of your site, you can install the bbPress plug-in. The plugin can be installed in the same way as any other. It’s free and can be found in the WordPress library. It can be downloaded from either the official bbPress site or the WordPress.org website. You can then upload the ariva from your WP panel by clicking on Add new. Go to your WordPress panel and click on Add New To Plugins. This will make it the fastest way to install. You can search for bbPress here and download and activate it in a matter of seconds.

What is a forum for bbPress?

Forums are a great way to create communities. Most of the content is created by users. Many platforms are available for forums, such as phpbb3 or vBulletin. The bbPress plugin is required to integrate a forum on a WordPress website.

bbPress is a program for forums that integrates with WordPress. Like WordPress, bbPress has the ability to expand its functionality and add extensions. It’s a fast, easy plugin that is much more popular than any other open-source forum platform.

How to create a forum using bbPress

You can integrate the forum directly into your WordPress site if you have one. If not, you will need to build it. Hosting and a domain name are required in order to build a website. Depending on your preference, both have monthly and annual costs. After you have chosen the two most important aspects of your website’s existence, you can install WordPress and configure it as you wish. The installation process is very quick using Softaculous from cPanel. WordPress is very user-friendly and intuitive, so you can ask for assistance from a specialist.

Once you have completed the layout of your site, it is time for the bbPress plugin to be installed. The plugin can be installed in the same way as any other. It’s free and can be found in the WordPress library. It can be downloaded from either the official bbPress site or the WordPress.org website. You can then upload the ariva from your WP panel by clicking on Add new. Go to your WordPress panel and click on Add New to Plugins. This will make it the fastest way to install it. You can search for bbPress here and download and activate it in a matter of seconds.

Once installed, bbPress adds menu options called forums, topics, and replies to your WordPress panel.

You can create forums from this page by clicking on Forums and then adding new. This will take you to a familiar area. It is very similar to creating an article or page through the WordPress editor.

Enter the title and description, then press the publish button. Other attributes include type, status and visibility, parent order, forum moderators, and parent order.

You can create as many forums and discussions as you like.
Displaying a forum from bbPress in the WordPress frontend

Once you have created at most one forum, it is now necessary to display it in the front of your site. It cannot be displayed in the back where you will find the administrator panel. Make a new WordPress page. Give it a title. Add a shortcode

To save your changes and make the forum page visible to everyone, publish the page. To see the forum’s visuals, you can now visit it in your browser.

It is a good idea to include a link to that page in your website’s menu. Users will be able access the forum from the menu. She will be able to access the forum directly from the menu.
bbPress integration for your WordPress theme

You will most likely need to open forum registrations. You will need to go to WordPress General Settings, and then check the Membership section.

Save the changes. A separate registration page must be created for each new user. Create a new WordPress page and enter the shortcode.

You will see a registration form after you publish the page. You can repeat the same process for password recovery pages, where you will need to enter the shortcode.

Add an authentication form to users at the end. This is where bbPress comes in handy. Click on Appearance, then Widgets. You will find the Login Widget, which you can add to your sidebar. You must ensure that you link to the registration page as well as to the password recovery webpage.

Setting up a bbPress forum

Compared to other forums and programs, bbPress’s configuration page is simple. You can modify the settings by going to Settings, then Forums in your WordPress panel.

These default options are acceptable for most websites.

Register visitors automatically get the role of Participant by selecting the first option. This option can be disabled or changed.

You can also protect the site from spam messages. This option should be left active. However, you can adjust the time between messages in the forum.

You can disable or modify the editing option according to your preferences. This refers to users’ rights to edit their published messages. You can edit published messages by entering 0 in the minutes field.

Last, visitors can create discussion and answer questions without creating an account. This option should be disabled for security reasons.

We have the section that describes the functionality of the forum under the settings section for forum users.

You can save a journal to be used for revisions by checking the first option. You can also check the second option if you want users to save certain discussions as favorites. Option three and four can be ticked for subscribing and following answers and discussions. This option allows you to attach keywords to discussions.

The bbPress theme section is available below.

You can select different topics, and you can display certain numbers of answers (replies), and discussions (topics).

You have the option of named URLs or slugs, which can be very helpful for Google search engine optimization (SEO).

Translate them in the appropriate forum language. Don’t forget to save any changes.

Roles for users in bbPress

We’ve already discussed WordPress user roles. WordPress has its own user management system. This allows you to add users with specific permissions to certain roles. Things are slightly different at bbPress. bbPress expands on this functionality by adding new roles and permissions like the following:

The WordPress administrator or owner, Keymaster, is assigned to a user automatically when he installs WordPress. This role can delete, edit, create, and remove forums, discussions, or answer questions.
Moderators can moderate the forum using moderation tools. I have the ability to moderate topics, posts and forums.
Participants – These are users who have default roles. They are able to create and edit their own discussions and answers. They can subscribe to and mark their favourite discussions.
Spectators – (spectators) have the right to view forums, topics, and posts.
Blocked – Those who have all permissions blocked are considered to be blocked. They cannot read topics that are public.

The top SEO plugins for WordPress

SEO is an important concept, even if you don’t know much about it. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a crucial practice that will make your website appear higher in search results such as Google. SEO can help improve your website’s visibility. There are many factors that go into SEO. It can be difficult for website owners to narrow their focus when each aspect is equally important.

Many WordPress plugin developers have created SEO plugins that will help website owners create search engine optimized websites. These WP plugins make it easy to ensure your site ranks high in search engines.

You may be starting SEO testing on a new website, or if you’ve been using the same website for some time but have not installed any SEO plugins.

Top WordPress SEO plugins

1. Yoast SEO

SEO Yoast is currently downloaded over 1,000,000 times and has a rating of 4.5/5 by 1418 users. It is the best WordPress SEO plugin, featuring many features that will ensure your site’s success in SEO. This plugin allows you to assign keywords to blog posts so that you can concentrate on how you use them throughout your content. One of the big sites running YOAST I noticed is xvideosxnxx.org, from what I can see Google prefers it and positions it very well in searches due to the SEO method. A snippet view shows how the post will appear in search results.

A Page Analysis feature will also ensure that your keywords are being used correctly, including your meta description and post title, subheadings or headings, as well as images.

You can also activate the most advanced XML sitemaps by checking a box. RSS optimization to combat other sites using your content. Breadcrumbs navigation for pages and posts.

2. Ultimate SEO

SEO Ultimate covers the essential SEO features, but also adds unique SEO features that help to ensure SEO practices are at the forefront when creating content. It includes title and meta description tags as well as deep linking features such that you can put a link into a project which activates once it’s published.

The author mark is another user-friendly feature. It includes in the search profile a Google+ account of the author appearing in search results.

3. WP Meta SEO

WP Meta SEO has many useful features. The tool makes it easy and efficient to tweak your content for better SEO performance. WP Meta Dashboard gives you a quick and comprehensive overview of the SEO performance of your site, as well as areas for improvement. You will receive an easy-to-understand percentage score that shows the optimization level for permalinks and meta title, description, incorrectly resized images and image metadata.

4. All-in-One SEO Pack

Acest plugin are, de asemenea, peste 1 milion de utilizatori activi pana in prezent si un rating de 4.5 / 5 din 249 de recenzii. Cu toate ca caracteristicile sale sunt similare cu Yoast, All in One SEO Pack pretinde a fi plugin-ul care se integreaza cu site-uri WordPress de comert electronic. De asemenea, una dintre caracteristicile sale unice este generarea automata a meta tag-urilor si optimizarea titlurilor pentru o mai buna clasare a cautarilor.

5. Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO este un plugin care asigura ca continutul este optimizat atat pentru motoarele de cautare, cat si pentru cititori. Este SEO pentru utilizatorul mediu cu putine cunostinte SEO. Sfatul SEO este oferit in timp real in timp ce scrieti postari pe blog, cu indicatori verzi care permit scriitorului sa stie ca SEO este acoperit. De asemenea, ofera analize pentru postari si pagini saptamanal. Daca nu stiti SEO, dar doriti sa il imbunatatiti pentru site-ul dvs., acest plugin va va ajuta.

6. WooCommerce – All-in-One SEO Pack

Proiectat pentru magazinele online, acest plugin este un add-on pentru All In One SEO Pack. Pur si simplu, se adauga caseta de dialog AIO SEO Pack la adaugarea sau editarea produselor WooCommerce. Atunci cand sunt incarcate, produsele din WooCommerce vor avea titluri si descrieri bogate in cuvinte cheie, la fel ca un post sau articol de blog.

About WP Rocket: Cache plugin for WordPress

What is WP Rocket?
WP Rocket premium plugin is friendly and installs on WordPress. WP Rocket is a plugin that helps improve performance on your WordPress website in just a few clicks. It’s used on over 700,000 sites. WP Rocket is the best plugin for performance, ease-of-use, support, and extra features. The price is the only problem. It is more expensive than you might expect and costs more than other plugins.

WP Rocket was not the first WordPress caching plugin, but it has been supported with great care. WP Rocket has been a leader in WordPress cache plugins for the past 5 years. These plugins provide permanent optimizations and other functionalities that will improve your website’s speed. They completely redesigned the interface and restructured the functionalities at the start of 2018.

WP Rocket can help you speed up site loading times

  • Caching pages
  • Compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • Unifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • Optimizing the database
  • And not just.


Three subscription options are available for the plugin. You can only use the plugin on one site with the 49 dollar annual subscription. The second package is 99 dollars, and allows you to use the plugin on three sites. Infinite is the last package and can be used on unlimited sites. It costs $249. All packages come with support and updates for a year. You will be notified by email when your license expires.

You can use the plugin even if you don’t have a license. However, you won’t have access to support or updates. You can also get your money back within 14 days.


It is very easy to install and can be done very quickly, in the same manner as installing a plugin via the “Upload Plugin” option in WordPress. It will be activated once it is done. You can find it at top of the menu. You will find the settings to the left and the options to the right.

The cache setting is the first. The cache can be activated for mobile phones. You can also separate the mobile cache. The cache can be activated for authenticated users. You can also choose the life you want.

The plugin also allows you to optimize HTML, CSS, and JS files so that, for example, your favorite سكس العرب movies can run smoothly. You can choose to have them minimized, delayed or combined. When you activate these options, be careful about the design of your site.

You can choose to view images or videos in media. You can enable Lazy Load both for images and clips. You can also disable the default emoticons.

There are many options for database optimization. You can delete revisions, delete drafts, trash articles, or delete spam comments and trash mail. These settings can be programmed to make them automatically.

WP Rocket can also be used with eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce. This plugin can be used with Easy Digital Download and iThemes Exchange. WooCommerce pages are detected automatically and don’t need to go through the cache.

This plugin can also be used with WPML, Polylang and qTranslate.

We also mention the following other features:

1. Image optimization
2. GZIP compression
3. Sitemap preload
4. Preload cache
5. Google Font optimization;
6. DNS;
7. Mobile devices detected
8. Compatible with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and Varnish.

WP Rocket: What we loved about it

WP Rocket is simple to use and speeds up site loading. The site will load quickly if you use lazy load options for the image or the database. The plugin’s creators also provide documentation and advice on how to speed up a site’s loading.
WP Rocket: What we didn’t like

Contact support can only be done through the ticket system or via the contact form. They cannot be reached directly.

The plugin has the following advantages:

  • For beginners, it is simple to use
  • It preloads the cache.
  • Optimize your database
  • You will find frequent updates and improvements.
  • There is support.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the main disadvantage is the price. As with all cache plugins, it is important to test your site with each option activated. It is unknown if installed plugins or themes have conflicts with WP Rocket or other options. They can cause site design problems and must be removed.

WooCommerce and Shopify: Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions regarding WooCommerce and Shopify
Two articles I wrote about WooCommerce & Shopify. These articles can be found here and here. Here’s the last article, in which we answer your most common questions. We will also provide the conclusion regarding both eCommerce platforms at the end.

Shopify or WooCommerce?

You can see that each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. We cannot compare the platforms and can’t say which one is best for you because of their fierce competition. It is important to consider your budget and what you are looking for in an online store. It is important to choose the right design and which functionalities you require. You may find one platform is perfect for you and another less so.

Shopify: When should you use it?

Shopify is a great tool to help you start an online shop. It’s easy to create an account, and then choose your subscription. The store is ready to go. These are the steps that make the platform ideal for the following situations.

Although you don’t currently have a website, you would like to get one as soon as possible.
You don’t have any experience in programming or design and don’t want anyone to help.
If you already own a business, and would like to establish an online presence for it,
Dropshipping is a business that sells products through Amazon. This platform offers dedicated solutions for this situation.
Professional and dedicated support is what you need. When problems arise, you want an immediate solution.

When should you use WooCommerce

WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin that allows online stores to be created, is extremely rich in functionality. You can create any type or online store thanks to the many WordPress themes and plugins. WooCommerce is for:

You already have WordPress. WooCoomerce plugin is not a website. You will still have access to the administration panel and login information.
You don’t have the budget for it or you don’t want to sign up.
Programming experience is a plus, as you are able to handle technical aspects of a website.
You may not consider support very important. Although you can get help from other programmers, you will need to find the solution yourself.
You are looking to create an Amazon affiliate website and want everything to be in one place.

Shopify is better than WooCommerce?

Shopify is better for you if your goal is to have an online store set up quickly and without having to deal with technical details. WooCommerce is superior in the long-term. It is more powerful, flexible, and customizable.

WooCommerce is better than Shopify?

WooCommerce is superior to Shopify if you need to build more personalized online shops. Shopify will limit your design options and functionality. WooCommerce lets you expand with custom code and APIs.
WooCommerce is compatible with Shopify

Shopify and WooCommerce are not compatible. They are separate and distinct systems. Although there are ways to combine certain functions from different systems, it would be strange to do so.
What’s the difference between WooCommerce eCommerce?

eCommerce refers to the online sale of products and services. eCommerce, which is shorthand for electronic commerce in English, means electronic commerce. WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform that allows you to do it.

Which platform is best for security?

Shopify has a better security record. Shopify handles everything related to security, hosting, and domains. WooCommerce requires another company to handle these aspects. WooCommerce requires that you manage updates to plugins, themes cores, cores, and translations.



These are some of the benefits that come with it:

Installation is simple
Integration Hosting
SSL certificate included
Premium support
It takes a lot of work.
Fast charging

It also has its drawbacks:

You must select a monthly subscription.
Payment methods are not available in all cases.
Advanced customization also includes programming


It offers the following advantages:

It is cheaper than its competitors;
You have complete control over the design.
Many payment options available
It is much easier to translate.

As for the disadvantages:

You will need to have hosting, domain and theme separately
You must create the website.
You are not guaranteed support


WooCommerce and Shopify offer interesting options to create an online store. These are the most popular eCommerce platforms available for small businesses.

The main difference between them would be in the user experience. The one that costs monthly is more expensive and requires knowledge and time to maintain, while the other offers a beautiful interface in a few steps.

How to create an online store using WooCommerce or WordPress

Information about your online store

Are you looking to create an online store but don’t know where to start? This article was created just for you. Being your boss can be challenging, but rewarding. Earnings should directly reflect the amount of work performed.

It is not always practical to sell physical products in a physical shop. Online shopping is becoming more popular, especially in these modern times. The statistics for 2016 show that more than half of buyers buy products online every month. More than a third make their purchases via mobile phones. 67% of buyers are influenced via social media. Your products should have positive reviews, stand out from the rest and be unique among competitors.
First steps to create an online store

You may also want to read our article on creating an online store.

Two things are required to start a website. The domain is first, then the hosting. Hosting is expensive. A stronger hosting package is better for online shops than a presentation website. Because of the high number of customers, products and the time that customers spend on the site, it will consume more resources. It is important to choose the right hosting provider. You should also be able to get fast, direct support. Softaculous and similar tools allow you to install WordPress content management system in one click. You will still need a security certificate. However, if you have the right hosting, you can easily get one free of charge through Let’s Encrypt. This certificate will help you rank higher in Google and will protect your customers’ data.

You have completed all the above steps and now it is time for you to pick a store design. The design of your store may vary depending on the products you sell. You can find thousands of free WordPress themes, or you can purchase paid themes from ThemeForest which include certain plugins. You can also convince customers to buy your website if you make it interactive. Premium themes come with support for up to 6 months and periodic updates. You don’t have to be a professional designer to create an online store.

These are some tools that you can use to design.

Total Multipurpose WordPress Theme is a theme that allows you to control pages, articles, and products. The theme has a built in builder with drag and drop functionality. It also comes with two premium sliders and customizable fonts and colors.
Chic is a theme that can be used for blogs and online shops. This theme is for bloggers who are interested in opening an online store. You can choose from sidebars, columns, colors, fonts, and sidebars. It features a customizable login page and a widget for the newsletter. There are also areas to place ads and distribute on social media.
Storefront is a simple theme that works with WooCommerce. This theme is available with many interesting options, and it’s completely free.

The creation of an online shop

Once you’ve got everything you need, you can start creating your store and adding products. Although you can try other plugins, we recommend WooCommerce because it is the most widely used and well-maintained.

WooCommerce can be installed in the same way as any other free plugin. You can find it in the WordPress library, accessible via the plugins section. Activate the plugin once it is installed. The configurator will open and you will be asked to enter data like country and county, currency, and measurement units. Here you can also adjust shipping and taxes. These can vary depending on the product you are selling. You can also skip certain steps. You also have an area for payment methods. To complete WooCommerce functions in other areas, such as couriers or payment methods, you can add plugins later.

You also have the following WooCommerce options: the thousands separator; the decimal separator; the number of displayed decimals. You have many options when it comes to transport and notifications.

New orders
Cancellation of orders
Unprocessed Orders
Processing of orders
Complete orders
Return orders
Customer invoices
New account
Password reset

Do not forget to specify the options for forwarders, such as email address and name.

WooCommerce offers discounts coupons that can be restricted or limited in use according to a specific period.

WooCommerce offers many options. It’s just a matter of time and effort to discover them all. You can also add any other plugins to make them even more useful. WooCommerce Admin is an administration plugin that was created by the WooCommerce team. It provides faster tools, notifications, and reports.
Add products to your online store

It is recommended to start by creating product categories and their subcategories. These can be used to create your main menu. Go to Products, then Categories. You can enter name, parent (in case of subcategories), description, and a representative photo. Next, add keywords. These keywords are found under tags, as well as under categories. Do not use the same keyword or category twice. You must also add attributes before you can add a product to your cart.

Click on Add a Product from Products to add a product. Although not all fields must be completed, it is helpful to have them. You can include title, description, representative image and image gallery. You can also check the categories and select keywords. The product information page includes the product code, reduced price, inventory, shipping options, and attributes. You have many options if your products are digital or downloadable.

You should be able to add your first product to your newly created online shop if you have completed all of these steps.